2015 Artist Residency!!!

Friends – some of you may already know that I had a great experience this last summer at Cape Perpetua National Scenic Area in Oregon.  Together with the Siuslaw National Forest and the local community of Yachats, we created an Artist Residency like none other.  This one was more of an educational experience in which visitors to the Cape could participate.  Lots of happy things happened, and these photos below may give you an idea.

photo 1 photo 3

Well, I am pleased to say that everyone wants to do it again, and they have asked me to help select the next artist for 2015.  Funding is available to make it happen, based on the sales of my paintings at the Cape Visitor Center in 2014.  And the Yachats community is submitting a grant proposal with the hopes of expanding the program.

Do you know an artist that loves plein air painting, working with people of all ages and has a big heart?  Tell them to give me a buzz.  The search for one or more artists will begin in earnest in January.

And!!!  Happy Holidays!!

2015 Artist Residency!!!

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