Making the ‘Rim Chase’ painting…

Sometimes people enjoy seeing the progression of my paintings, and I thought I would share the most recent one.  ‘Rim Chase’ is a request from a race director of the Tahoe Rim Trail endurance run, so I think you can understand the content.  It will be used for the July race in a way that I am not yet able to describe.

So here is how it started:

IMG_6700  I was not really sure about the setting and lacked a good photograph to help my memory.  Then, Keith Facchino, sports photographer pulled through with a nice shot for me to use — free of charge.  So the painting transitioned to this:

IMG_6702  Starting to show more form, right?  And if you look closely, you can see the ghost of a runner running down the trail.  But of course, this is only the beginning undercoat to give depth to the early morning hour that the painting represents.  So, more detail had to come:

photo (17)  Getting there.  But then I had to make a choice.  One solo runner enjoying the trail – or two runners to be inclusive of both genders?  I consulted with my Facebook friends and it was really a mix of opinions.  In the end I opted to include a male runner off in the distance.  See if you can find him here:

photo 2

So, a few more lines, highlights and details and it is done:

RimChase  Kind of fun, right?

Making the ‘Rim Chase’ painting…

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