Great workshop with Margi Lucena

I want to tell you all about a great workshop that we had in Moab with pastel artist, Margi Lucena.  Margi resides in Socorro, New Mexico, and creates wonderful paintings which she completes on textured board.  We saw her work at the Plein Air Moab 2014, and invited her to come to Moab and spend 2 days showing us her technique.  Below, you can see us getting started:


We gathered at the MARC and Margi showed us how to use her colored gessos infused with pumice storm.  The texture that results moves one right into impressionism, and freedom. The board also makes framing easy, which comes in handy at a Plein Air Quick Draw event.


Margi then gave us an assignment to paint from a photograph (it turns out that we all had the same photo) in only 30 minutes, using her boards.  This demonstrates how quickly you can produce an interesting painting on this board, and also how differently we each paint the same scene.


The photos below, then, show the other paintings that I started at Margi’s workshop, although I did some finishing touches to each one at home.

Diego   waterboard                                                               RedRockDusk

A fun new technique that you may find me using from time to time.

Great workshop with Margi Lucena

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