Thank You for Donation Success in 2015!!

Although I am including two photographs of my work with this blog post, that is not the main purpose for the communication.  Instead, this is a heartfelt ‘Thank You Message’, just in time for your end-of-year holidays.

The photographs are both family oriented, so perhaps it fits.  The drawing is of two very sweet people – “Primo y Toli” – and was commissioned by my niece in Lodi. Since I have not seen those two for many years, completing it was a bit of walking down memory lane for me.

The other is a painting, “Light for Mom”, which is going to be a December gift for someone special to me.  Don’t tell her if you know who she is, please.

And now for the thanks to all of you who have helped make the world a better place – either by receiving one of my paintings in exchange for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit, or by helping me spread the word and mission of Donation Art.  It is unlikely that I will have a chance to paint more before 2016, so this is also our end-of-year thank you.

Bob (master mind of framing, shipping and promotion ideas) and I are both grateful that the Donation Art Project has done so well this year.  Once again it resulted in record donations, primarily to the following organizations:

Beacon After School Program, Doctors Without Borders, Escalante Canyon Everett Ruess Days, Lane Community College Esperanza Scholarship Endowment Fund, Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Tahoe Rim Trail Association, World Food Program, Youth Garden Project, and more…

It was a busy year for us, and although I likely forgot to list donations to one or more organization, but suffice to say that good things happened. Please enjoy your well-deserved holidays, remember others who need your help, and keep safe and warm.

Thank you for helping make the world a better place.

Thank You for Donation Success in 2015!!

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