Thank You for Donation Success in 2015!!

Although I am including two photographs of my work with this blog post, that is not the main purpose for the communication.  Instead, this is a heartfelt ‘Thank You Message’, just in time for your end-of-year holidays.

The photographs are both family oriented, so perhaps it fits.  The drawing is of two very sweet people – “Primo y Toli” – and was commissioned by my niece in Lodi. Since I have not seen those two for many years, completing it was a bit of walking down memory lane for me.

The other is a painting, “Light for Mom”, which is going to be a December gift for someone special to me.  Don’t tell her if you know who she is, please.

And now for the thanks to all of you who have helped make the world a better place – either by receiving one of my paintings in exchange for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit, or by helping me spread the word and mission of Donation Art.  It is unlikely that I will have a chance to paint more before 2016, so this is also our end-of-year thank you.

Bob (master mind of framing, shipping and promotion ideas) and I are both grateful that the Donation Art Project has done so well this year.  Once again it resulted in record donations, primarily to the following organizations:

Beacon After School Program, Doctors Without Borders, Escalante Canyon Everett Ruess Days, Lane Community College Esperanza Scholarship Endowment Fund, Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Tahoe Rim Trail Association, World Food Program, Youth Garden Project, and more…

It was a busy year for us, and although I likely forgot to list donations to one or more organization, but suffice to say that good things happened. Please enjoy your well-deserved holidays, remember others who need your help, and keep safe and warm.

Thank you for helping make the world a better place.

Thank You for Donation Success in 2015!!

Great workshop with Margi Lucena

I want to tell you all about a great workshop that we had in Moab with pastel artist, Margi Lucena.  Margi resides in Socorro, New Mexico, and creates wonderful paintings which she completes on textured board.  We saw her work at the Plein Air Moab 2014, and invited her to come to Moab and spend 2 days showing us her technique.  Below, you can see us getting started:


We gathered at the MARC and Margi showed us how to use her colored gessos infused with pumice storm.  The texture that results moves one right into impressionism, and freedom. The board also makes framing easy, which comes in handy at a Plein Air Quick Draw event.


Margi then gave us an assignment to paint from a photograph (it turns out that we all had the same photo) in only 30 minutes, using her boards.  This demonstrates how quickly you can produce an interesting painting on this board, and also how differently we each paint the same scene.


The photos below, then, show the other paintings that I started at Margi’s workshop, although I did some finishing touches to each one at home.

Diego   waterboard                                                               RedRockDusk

A fun new technique that you may find me using from time to time.

Great workshop with Margi Lucena

Making the ‘Rim Chase’ painting…

Sometimes people enjoy seeing the progression of my paintings, and I thought I would share the most recent one.  ‘Rim Chase’ is a request from a race director of the Tahoe Rim Trail endurance run, so I think you can understand the content.  It will be used for the July race in a way that I am not yet able to describe.

So here is how it started:

IMG_6700  I was not really sure about the setting and lacked a good photograph to help my memory.  Then, Keith Facchino, sports photographer pulled through with a nice shot for me to use — free of charge.  So the painting transitioned to this:

IMG_6702  Starting to show more form, right?  And if you look closely, you can see the ghost of a runner running down the trail.  But of course, this is only the beginning undercoat to give depth to the early morning hour that the painting represents.  So, more detail had to come:

photo (17)  Getting there.  But then I had to make a choice.  One solo runner enjoying the trail – or two runners to be inclusive of both genders?  I consulted with my Facebook friends and it was really a mix of opinions.  In the end I opted to include a male runner off in the distance.  See if you can find him here:

photo 2

So, a few more lines, highlights and details and it is done:

RimChase  Kind of fun, right?

Making the ‘Rim Chase’ painting…

A Spiritual Inspiration

I have been away from the blog for a while – busy with the holidays.  But part of that process included collecting so many ideas for my Donation Art.  One result was incomparable and resulted from our participation in the annual Yachats Peace Hike.


The 6 mile round trip hike includes a ceremony in a special grotto along the Oregon Coast trail where there is a statue of Amanda.  You can learn more about Amanda’s story here:


Her presence reminds us of the need for us to stop injustices and to start caring for each other without concern about color, race or creed.  I was lucky enough to hike along with Mary-Beth Nickel, who is one of the flutist that plays at the ceremony.  Elder Doc Slyter and tribal flutist (pictured above) is the other one.  Mary-Beth did the 6 mile hike without shoes to commemorate Amanda, in spite of the freezing cold weather.

But unusual and unexplained things seem to happen every year during this hike, and it did this year, too, as Mary-Beth and I observed.  We are collaborating on an artistic endeavor to share that with you.

Stay tuned……

A Spiritual Inspiration

2015 Artist Residency!!!

Friends – some of you may already know that I had a great experience this last summer at Cape Perpetua National Scenic Area in Oregon.  Together with the Siuslaw National Forest and the local community of Yachats, we created an Artist Residency like none other.  This one was more of an educational experience in which visitors to the Cape could participate.  Lots of happy things happened, and these photos below may give you an idea.

photo 1 photo 3

Well, I am pleased to say that everyone wants to do it again, and they have asked me to help select the next artist for 2015.  Funding is available to make it happen, based on the sales of my paintings at the Cape Visitor Center in 2014.  And the Yachats community is submitting a grant proposal with the hopes of expanding the program.

Do you know an artist that loves plein air painting, working with people of all ages and has a big heart?  Tell them to give me a buzz.  The search for one or more artists will begin in earnest in January.

And!!!  Happy Holidays!!

2015 Artist Residency!!!

It takes a village…

I always liked that saying Ít takes a village to raise a child’.  I think that is true, and I will extend that thought to other important things.  It takes a village to do anything good…  even to generate donations for good causes.

I want to acknowledge that I have some good friends that are talented professional photographers that have a business and sell their work.  But over the course of a few years, they have been generous enough to let me use specific photographs for my Donation Art Project.  I will introduce you to them one at a time.

The first one is Noel Outtrim and his business is Outtrim Photography.  You can find the Outtrim Photography page on Facebook, and please like it!  He does technically difficult photographs in amazing locations, including SE Utah and Australia (his primary residence).

I am attaching a recent photograph that Noel produced and the resulting oil painting that I made.  That painting, by the way, has already been spoken for, which will provide funds for Lane Community College Scholarship Foundation – Esperanza Fund.

There are good people in this world.

Lightning-3 (2)   KeepMovin'

It takes a village…

Radio Blog success!

Friends – I want to thank Armando F. Sanchez and his radio on demand program for last night’s interview.  I was a bit nervous right before the interview, but Armando’s calm and conversational style made it all pretty easy.  The link below will take you to the interview, if you would like to take a few minutes to listen.  Please share, as the goal is to spread the word about the Donation Art movement and expand it to other artists and crafts people.  It does the world some good.

Just before the interview I traded my ‘Weed Over the Rainbow’ painting (see photo below) for my friend Pierre’s donation to M.O.R.E. (Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprise).

WeedOverRainbow     Fun day, right?

Radio Blog success!